Camp Ayandeh 2010

Camper Poems

Please see the two poems below by campers Zaul Moayedian and Ashkon Rahbari!


Ayandeh, what a beautiful place,

The Iranian people, what a beautiful race,

Nothing can compare to my family’s accepting hearts and souls,

for in me all their love is what they pour.

While others may put one down,

no one here would do such a thing.

I am so lucky to be amongst you all,

You make my sadness shrink,

no one here judges, this camp just accepts.

For all of you, all I have is respect,

I never want to leave, for the love here is great.

In the world beyond all I see is misplaced hate,

sometimes I wonder, is this my fate?

To be the victim of senseless jokes, that do nothing but provoke a useless rage,

but then I tell myself no, this cannot be right,

because for my pride I will fight.

And this is just another example,

why this camp is best,

they teach us all we need to know here,

real life is our test.

One lesson I have learned is that.

As individuals we shine,

but as a group we are complete.

I wait for this camp 358 days a year,

24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.

-Zaul Moayedian


To say what has never been said
To explain this feeling as I arise from my bed
The dread, the people soulless like the undead
Born with a pure heart but all the news he’s read
and the things he’s seen, and the blood that’s been shed
by martyrs of a cause that’s lost to them
but found in dreams like REM
You see he lies to the world because the world lied to him.

He burned after he froze,
and so he turns on a pose
with the face of a man whose beard grew faster than his bones
he’s shown that he is content with being alone
perpetually hiding from darkness, the way that he’s grown
intentionally numbing his dome, he cannot cope
He’s lost his hope will he turn to dope
and not what’s packed into bowls and green
but what’s displayed on his television screen

Is he turning into another american friend
Where are his dreams, the gleam and spark in his eye
that comes from the girl that makes him naturally high
Yeah, she’s fly, meaning she uplifts him
meaning his heart gets offset in its rhythm
bum ba da dum and then it hit ’em
that there’s no way she could ever feel the same
she’s a silly little girl with a really fickle brain
and so when her drunken lips were placed upon another’s
she wasn’t to blame, it was the world that’s
always spited him and now he feels drained
nothing sat right with him on the cusp of insane
and that’s the way it was explained to himself,
no he didn’t need help, wasn’t weak, wasn’t a victim,
wasn’t beat, wasn’t defeated.

He didn’t care but that was the same as hate
they said things would get better but he just couldn’t wait
the rappers talked about money, weed, and female dogs, he couldn’t relate
he lived in a material world where he’d never be great.

Pause. as our hero awakes from his slumber
contemplating thoughts that were as heavy as lumber.
It’s no wonder, he doesn’t say what’s never been said
because to reveal what’s in his head
is to say all the things that consume him when he wakes from his bed.
Resume.  Our hero is done with the silence
and so now he’s chosen all of you to confide in.

-Ashkon Rahbari

July 6th 2011
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Day 7

July 6th 2011
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Day 6

July 6th 2011
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Day 7 – Aks Bazi and an Incredible Ceremony

This morning, Haleh, the creator of a site known as Aks Bazi (, introduced a project that will bring together campers and people in Iran. The project lasts one week long, and each participant, living in Iran or the U.S., takes one photo each day.  At the end of the ...
July 5th 2011
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Day 6 – Presentations and Dance

Tonight was the second-to-last evening at Camp Ayandeh this year.  All week camp groups had prepared Teatro skits to share with one another, and tonight they showed them off.  The skits, which were a hybrid between conflict resolution and inside jokes, proved extremely funny.  They were all also extremely well ...
July 5th 2011
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Day 6 – Taking Ayandeh Home

The first activity of the day centered around the guiding question: "How can Camp Ayandeh be brought home?"  Rassah, Rosa, Shadi, and Mana spoke with campers about what techniques can be used for community organizing.  After the introductions, campers split into counselor groups, and without any help from their counselors, ...


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