Camp Ayandeh 2010

Day 6: Celebration

9:04 a.m.

The high spirit that spread throughout the camp during yesterday’s vasati game, resonated throughout the remainder of the day.

After the Zamboorz defeated the other counselor groups in the Camp Ayandeh Team Challenge, a staff-initiated water balloon fight broke out on the university campus. I never realized how sneaky some of our counselors and campers are!

The positivity of the day was celebrated after dinner at a special concert event. The Yellow Dogs, a rock band composed of young Iranian musicians, stars of the film “No One Knows about Persian Cats” volunteered to perform a set for IAAB’s Ayandeh campers.

“To end yesterday with the Yellow Dogs was awesome,” said Tara Golshan. “I had the best time!”

Camper Shayan Malta opened for the band with a recitation of a thoughtful poem he had composed during Arash and Narges’ first writing workshop, while Saeed Vossoughi and Kevin Ehteshami closed the show with their beat-boxing.

Today’s focus is that of accomplishment and celebration. Campers will be spending the morning debriefing on any of the past week’s discussions and activities, and preparing for tonight’s talent show event.

Then, over a lunch of Chelo Kabab, we’ll tune into ESPN to watch the World Cup Final. There’s nothing like good food and soccer to bring these Iranian Americans together!


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